Monday, January 25, 2010

What have those Andersen's been up to...?

Ok, if you can dedicate posts, this blog post goes out to Auntie ShaSha, she has been very patient with me calling almost daily and politely asking for more pictures, she wants to see everything that has been going on (Shasha, I think that you might be my only post follower left since I never post anything so you better coment something fantastic) , especially Christmas, and I guess I have to say that my sister Katie was right, you just don't have time anymore when you get three kids to do anything that you want, your too busy doing stuff for your kids (unless you have a little secret adiction relating to more vampire books)....I wouldn't want it any other way! So now after all that, on with the show (this is lengthy so give yourself 5-10 minutes).......

Before it even snowed Owen had a birthday and he turned 3! So here are some pictures of that we had a Birthday bowling bananza! It was really fun to see the kids bowl and just do whatever Owen wanted to do for the day!

This was at the end of the might say we are all a little tired by now.....

O was so excited to open all these he barly wanted to get out and go bowling

I made this all by myself, no directions no special cake pan, he did turn out a little on the oarnge side but I have nothing but pride for this cake, I was calling on my mothers special cake powers...I think it worked out well!

After the cake, what a cutie!

What a good dadio

patiently waiting his turn to bowl again

Asher had to have a green bowling ball, am I spoiling him for giving in on that demand?

I have no patients waiting for the ball to return, after I flung it into the gutter once again


Ok, this picture is all I have of the awesome trip to Tucson to go see my family, let me explain it; My mom was a week away from opening her new cupcake shop, these are pictures of her different flavored cupcakes, all I can say is I took a look around, thought the place was going to be dine-o-mite when It opened and then I saw the full racks of cupcakes over to the corner calling my name, I think I had 3 cupcakes a day and went back to Utah wearing them on my bum! Mom, we had a ton of fun with your store, your cupcakes, your mini-thanksgiving and most of all your nonnie-ness. Thanks for being the best nonnie in the world!

Ok, Christmas, here is Asher with his I am too cool and tuff face in a pile of his Christmas presents- Shasha, the big green box is a leapster 2 that was from you to them, they were oh so excited and always play with them, they can draw and count and spell, the games are educational, and also Disney related so tons of cool! The best part is that they call them there DS' that is because Katies kids have those and they just had to have them! hehehe!

Owen same stuff, same fun, yipee!

This pic was back at the beginning of December, we were trimming the tree!

Thanks to Nonnie, they are the 2 cutest fire fighters I have ever seen!

Look at all that stuff from Santa!

Eliza Christmas morning, can't leave the babe out of all the fun, infact, here is a little Ellie photo shoot, enjoy....

The End

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Say Cheeze.....

Alrighty about 2 months ago My mom-in-law Carol, some how managed to get about 99% of all her family together for a few pictures which is amazing considering the size of this family, it took me awhile to actually get them on my computer so finally here are some of them....lots of these pictures turned out really well....of coarse my 2 great boys, and then some big old family photos.

It is almost like playing where is Waldo....where is Dev and Gen...I can't find them.....Oh there they are :). I can't really see there faces......some one needs to tell that family to stop growing.....hahahaha. Those are thoughts that I know are going threw some of your heads.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Super Weekend!

Well every November Pheasant Season comes and goes, and we get to have family come up and hang out and hunt too, this weekend was the first time I got to spend some good time with my niece Ella. She lives in Arizona so we don't see each other too often. She is such a cutie! I wish I would have taken more pictures, Her expressions are charming to say the least!

Ella was watching Eliza

Asher had to join in the fun

She has such pretty blue eyes

Asher is a goof ball

Today we were dying to go sledding, it was a blast! To hear Asher and Owen laughing is so fun

These boys landed right in front of me

we have to do this again soon!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Eliza's 1st bite of rice cereal...

Well, most of the meal is all over her cloths and face, and I think that the camera was freaking her out, but I had to capture her first experience with a spoon.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Here are my favorites from the last few weeks

Thursday, October 8, 2009

We finally made it to the Zoo

Well it only takes a half hour to get us all unloaded and out of the car, and we were off to see the animals....

Devron and Derek were worried about their ultra violet rays so they wore protective gear....

Then Ellie waited patiently while....

The boys and I rode the carousel! That was really fun for Owen, he giggled the hole way

The family measured up

Hung out with Gorillas

And almost got eaten by lions! Scary!

All in all it was fun, the kids has a blast and I was pooped by the end of the day.